Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Concern over metal roof in Wichita historic district

A Wichita mortgage holder will get the chance to keep her metal rooftop, in any event for the present. 

Cynthia Maxwell lives close thirteenth and Broadway, which is in an architecturally significant area. She got a material grant for her metal rooftop extend and says she was never given a rundown of affirmed materials. 

She says she had no contact with the Historic Preservation Board until after somebody whined. 

She told the gathering Tuesday that she values history, however there will be no history if individuals keep utilizing unsustainable materials like black-top shingle material. If you are looking for Roofing Services in Chennai, Call 91-9003179719

Maxwell said metal material is a great deal more practical. 

Leader Jeff Longwell said it was an oversight for the city to issue the license in any case. Some on the committee were worried about the expense of supplanting the rooftop. Councilmember Janet Miller said the city ought to be fiscally in charge of the mix-up. 

The Council voted 6-1 to permit the Historic Preservation Board and Maxwell 60 days to think of an answer.