Thursday 6 October 2016

Roofing crews goes to work on wrong church

A crew got to work removing old shingles on a Hendricks County house of worship Monday just to discover they were at an incorrect roofing. "It was a genuine problem, " First Baptist House of worship of Clayton's pastor the Rev.

Robert Sampson said. The roofers were meant to be one stop east at the Clayton Presbyterian Church, but Sampson said they had the wrong directions. When they figured it out, the staff had removed a sizable swath of shingles from a side of the roof. 

Sampson said the contractor has promised to fix the damage over the following few days and nights. Mistakes happen, Sampson said, noting that church market leaders are happy to convert the other cheek in this case. "It's a class most of us could learn well before we point a finger, " Sampson said, noting the contractor was very willing to make things right.

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